Privacy Policy

American Agency Inc.’s customers entrust it with their personal information, as well as with other information. American Agency, Inc., its employees, its related entities and their employees (all hereinafter “American Agency”) are committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and security of its customers’ information. In this Privacy Policy and Statement, American Agency describes the customer information it collects, how it uses this information and to whom it discloses the information.

Customer Information that American Agency Collects

American Agency collects personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information from and about its customers. The information may be public or non-public. The type of information depends upon the circumstances in question, including the type of coverage, insurance policy or bond needed or sought. This information may include things such as:

  • The customer’s name and business and job title
  • Customer contact information, including email address and phone number
  • Information on the customer’s application for insurance or bonding
  • Customer’s prior history with American Agency or other insurance agencies, brokers, carriers or sureties, including claims’ history
  • Information that American Agency receives from administrative or regulatory authorities, like the consumer reporting agencies or the department of motor vehicles (or information from third-parties who provide the same type of information)
  • Medical or financial information
  • Beneficiary information

American Agency’s Use of the Customer’s Information

American Agency uses customer information as permitted and required by law. American Agency uses the customer information for purposes such as: 

  • to underwrite and rate its customer’s insurance policies
  • for insurance and bonding limits
  • to quote, procure, place or enroll the customer in coverage with an insurance carrier or surety
  • to complete other transactions incidental to its customer’s insurance and bond underwriting, rating, quoting, procurement, placement or enrollment
  • for claims purposes
  • to service the customer
  • to remarket policies or bonds
  • to operate American Agency’s business
  • for regulatory purposes

American Agency’s Disclosure of the Customer’s Information

Except for limited circumstances, American Agency does not disclose its customer’s information except as authorized by its customer or as permitted or required by law. Examples of potential third-parties who may receive American Agency’s customer information include:

  • insurance carriers
  • sureties
  • regulatory authorities
  • third-party vendors related to quoting, procuring, placing, or enrolling insurance or bonds
  • third-party vendors related to claims

American Agency does not sell its customers’ information.

Questions or Concerns
If an American Agency’s customer has questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy and Statement or about how American Agency manages customer information, the customer should contact American Agency at 952-545-1230.

Modifications or Updates to this Privacy Policy and Statement
American Agency reserves the right to modify or update this Privacy Policy and Statement at its sole discretion.

This Privacy Policy and Statement does not constitute a contract; nor does it create contractual rights or obligations. It also does not confer upon American Agency’s customers, prospective customers or viewers of this Privacy Policy and Statement any rights or remedies.